Aqua 7 was established to promote educating professionals to perform water rescues and self rescues from water.

Aqua 7 was born from H20 Rescue by waterman, curriculum developer and instructor Tony Hargett in 1997 with his sole desire to promote the use of personal watercraft to perform water rescue operations.

Employed as a surf lifeguard from 1976 -1978. Tony has been operating personal watercraft since 1987. In 1996 Tony was approached by the California State Fire Training Group to allow his curriculum to be challenged and scrutinized by his peers of water rescue experts. The curriculum met the challenge an earned its existence and the respect of other water rescue experts, to this day. Tony’s SOG has been used by many agencies throughout the country as a basis of their SOG’s.

Aqua 7 has taken agencies from not knowing what they need to know, to agencies that patrol the oceans harbors, marinas and beaches. Aqua 7 has taught classes in Guam, England, Malaysia, and of course Northern California including Mavericks and many rivers with in California. The primary mission is to meet the need of the agency and develop your program to fit your wants and needs.

Our realization is, that you don’t know what you don’t know. So we attempt to educate you on what you can do to solve your problems with water rescue in the aquatic environment.

Aqua 7 has participated in large physical events on the water to include the, “Escape from Alcatraz” triathlon race held each year in the San Francisco Bay. Many rescues have been performed bringing weaker swimmers from the salty, dynamic water of the bay to safety in order that they can continue the race. In addition Aqua 7 provides water rescue protection during “Eppies Great Race” triathlon where kayakers push themselves on the American River and end up miss calculating the currents and rapids of the swift river. Performance in this race takes gentle maneuvering due to operating in close proximity to the kayakers. A trait taught during the three day minimum course.

Aqua 7 Rescue is based deep in aquatic swimming, rescue and becoming comfortable in all aspects of the aquatic environment. Tony’s experience and classes are designed to guide an agency from the desire to develop a water rescue program to the actualization and realization of performing water rescues within the agency’s jurisdiction. This training provides a higher level of service to the public we are sworn to serve.


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